This Week: Follow-ups to terrorist attacks in India and the earthquake in China, perspectives on Iraq and North Korea

I’m starting a weekly post that rehashes some of the most interesting and unusual reports on Asia (in English) and the world. Let me know what you think, and if you find this kind of feature useful. For more interesting things on the web, from newspapers and blogs, see my shared stories page. First, two […]

Global Lives #1: Project Kashmir

I did a story about the documentary film Project Kashmir for Asia Pacific Arts. You can see the story and all of APA’s coverage of the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival in their website. I also made my first attempt at making a podcast start-to-finish. I hope these will become more engaging as […]

Bobby Jindal’s wife and John McCain’s daughter

The Daily Beast published an interview — a bit of a back scratching set of questions and answers, really — that Meghan McCain did with First Lady of Lousiana Supriya Jindal. I read it and recalled Governor Bobby Jindal’s interview on 60 Minutes. It rubbed me the wrong way for a lot of reasons. I […]

USA Today, dealing with numbers, and religion in America

I’ve been working on a story about religion in this country and I came across a really excellent example of how multimedia can be used well. This is just a short post to share it.     USA Today ran a story about a major survey on religious identification in America. Surveys can be complicated to understand, […]