Help! I need an editor!

I’m at the Collaborative Journalism Summit in Philadelphia and Darryl Holliday of City Bureau is articulating something really important: Journalism organizations need to equip people in some way. They need to equip people to take action, to tell their own stories, to participate in democracy.

Read Darryl’s talk here.

It’s a really beautiful way to express something that I practice as an editor. (I even once had the chance to offer up a social media training at City Bureau itself — where I, of course, learned way more than I taught.) Among my favorite parts of building Global Nation when I worked at PRI, was offering training, support and payment to people who had great stories to tell but had long been excluded from national media. I wanted to show up for people who had questions, basic and deep, about how the media works. I wanted to give people time and resources so they could tell important stories that help the rest of us understand the news that we see around us.

Now, I am an independent journalist, coach and consultant, but I want to keep being of service. Many of you have asked me for help with pitches, copy, or just to talk about the media. I love those conversations and I want to do it more!

So here’s where you can have 30 minutes of my time for anything! Want to talk about what’s good and bad in media? Want to walk through a story idea or a pitch or the communications part of your community organizing effort? Want me to copy edit something or just read and talk about your work? I’m here for you.

If I can help, let’s find a time here!

A note to my journalist friends: If you already have an editor or access to an editor, this isn’t for you. But I still want to hear from you too! Check out this page for ways we can connect.