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Register: Writing when it counts

This year I’ve worked with many incredible and courageous people who are helping to move us all forward by writing with conviction.

Sometimes, though, the more important something is, the more difficult it is to commit what you want to say to words. This year, I’ve worked with people who were writing proposals for crucial services, connecting with communities that have been hardest hit by the pandemic, and people who helped us better understand racial justice, power and trauma.

When it’s time to tell your most important story — something you feel deeply or have poured your time into researching or reporting — what do you do? How do you start? How do you revise? How do you release it into the world?

To celebrate our courage in 2020, I’m hosting a virtual conversation about how to tell the most important story. This is an hour to talk about how we write the things that matter, the things that are often the most difficult to say. Bring a story, essay or writing project that mattered to you this year, and join us!

Register: Writing when it counts
Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020
1pm ET

Cost: Pay what you can as a donation to Women Do News.

quote block on purple: "There should not just be diversity in numbers, but diversity among those who have power in news media. In other words, there should be equity."

Even in crisis — especially in crisis — we need equity

Some groups have been excluded from the most powerful halls of U.S. news media for as long as U.S. news media have existed. The structures and institutions we rely on for news were designed, like many U.S. institutions, to grant power to a select few. Here is one example: We recently saw the 50th anniversary […]

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A short note: Newsrooms that serve

It’s been one year and my niece and her friends’ news startup is going strong! They reached two-thirds circulation of their class and are now reviewing their costs (copying machines and staples) and distribution (reading period is a good time for news) while still serving their classmates. I’ve spent a lot of the last year […]

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In collaborations, who gets paid?

This is a short note to tackle something head on that I’ve been having sideways conversations about for a few months. It’s a very “inside-journalism” subject, so please forgive me if you aren’t in the media. Hopefully, this is still interesting and applicable to your industry. Many of my colleagues have asked to know more […]

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