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A new guide, a new ethic of care in newsrooms

I was really proud to work througha and edit this new guide by jesikah maria ross. “Taking Care: A guide for participatory and trauma-informed journalism.”

I’ve been spending a lot of time on how to make newsrooms sustainable from a revenue perspective, but it’s so important to think about what sustainability looks like for a community, and for news workers themselves. jmr has great wisdom and practical ideas here. News colleagues, I hope you spend some time with this guide, published by the Center for Cooperative Media.

Get a copy here.

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2022 Goals: Get more opportunities for more people in news media

Hello 2022! This year hasn’t started the way many of us intended but for me, I’m working hard to stay ambitious, community-oriented and continue to design my work life to support the rest of my life and help me be my best self. This email update is as much about what I’ve been up to […]

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Guest column: Sincerely, Leaders of Color

If you have ever been a newsroom manager, hiring editor, assigning editor, or really anyone who has built up a network of colleagues that is diverse, you’ve probably been asked for help recruiting for an open position. By my best count, I’ve gotten about 20 requests for ideas for job candidates this year alone. And I […]

quote block on purple: "There should not just be diversity in numbers, but diversity among those who have power in news media. In other words, there should be equity."

Even in crisis — especially in crisis — we need equity

Some groups have been excluded from the most powerful halls of U.S. news media for as long as U.S. news media have existed. The structures and institutions we rely on for news were designed, like many U.S. institutions, to grant power to a select few. Here is one example: We recently saw the 50th anniversary […]

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A short note: Newsrooms that serve

It’s been one year and my niece and her friends’ news startup is going strong! They reached two-thirds circulation of their class and are now reviewing their costs (copying machines and staples) and distribution (reading period is a good time for news) while still serving their classmates. I’ve spent a lot of the last year […]