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Guest column: Sincerely, Leaders of Color

If you have ever been a newsroom manager, hiring editor, assigning editor, or really anyone who has built up a network of colleagues that is diverse, you’ve probably been asked for help recruiting for an open position.

By my best count, I’ve gotten about 20 requests for ideas for job candidates this year alone. And I love to get these kinds of requests! (I’ve learned to manage all this by watching my mentors, like Doug Mitchell.) It’s flattering that people appreciate my network and judgment. My career as an editor and founder has been all about getting people into positions where they can do great work, so I see helping talented colleagues get good career opportunities as part of that mission!

But — and you knew there would be a but — most of the time, I wish those asking me for help had called a few months earlier.


Read on at Source, one of my favorite resources for people who want to make (or remake) news media.

Thanks to Emma Carew Grovum and P. Kim Bui who opened their column space to me and encouraged me to be candid about experiences I’ve had as a newsroom leader of color.

My hope is that this column also resonates with people in other industries who get requests to help recruit candidates. How do you handle people coming to you for “more diverse applicants”?

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