Global Lives #1: Project Kashmir

I did a story about the documentary film Project Kashmir for Asia Pacific Arts. You can see the story and all of APA’s coverage of the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival in their website. I also made my first attempt at making a podcast start-to-finish. I hope these will become more engaging as I keep practicing.

I’m working on getting my buggy website to work with a player, so for now you can listen and subscribe directly from my site on UPDATE: It works now!

Here’s the intro:

Welcome to the first episode of Global Lives, a show about the kinds of people who make the whole world their home. Today, I’m talking to Senain Kheshgi and Geeta Patel, the filmmakers behind the much acclaimed documentary Project Kashmir.

For more information about the film, visit This episode is co-produced by the online magazine Asia Pacific Arts, You can discover more Global Lives on my website,

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  1. Do you have a presence on facebook? I can’t seem to see Global Lives #1: Project Kashmir on the website and I would love to connect with you there. I like your writing style, thanks Lucius Valentine

  2. I try to keep my content here, but thanks for asking! You can connect with me on Twitter @angshah, by RSS or email subscriptions, if that helps. Thanks for reading/listening.

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