My name is Angilee Shah and I am a journalist, editor and blogger. I work on stories as diverse as features about women in tech, investigative reports on Sri Lanka’s civil war, and scholar and journalist collaborations for a book on China. The common thread is always my interest in the world, the way people interact across cultures and boundaries and the endless variety of cultures to explore. Lucky for me, I was born in a generation that has Internet access, VOIP and budget airlines. These are the tools that allow me to work as a writer and editor on issues related to the broad topics of politics and culture. I am the social media manager at Public Radio International, where I focus on global health and development as well as immigration and culture I also help to conceptualize and design publications (I served as the community manager at ReportingonHealth.org, the social site of the USC Annenberg California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships for two years and helped launch a magazine for South Asian American women). I am a consulting editor to the Journal of Asian Studies and the co-editor of a book of narratives essays about China, Chinese Characters, which will be published by UC Press this summer.

If you’re looking for a resume, you can find out more about my work on LinkedIn and read some of my writing in my Portfolio. You can also find me on Ebyline.

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  1. Dear Angilee

    Ah, you are now in Singapore. You gave me international exposure while you were with Asiamedia, remember? I will remember you thankfully always.

    Vaikom Madhu

  2. Vaikom, how are you? I do remember. You filed some very interesting reports after the tsunami. I am, not in Singapore — I had a stint there, but now I’m back in the States. Are you still in Kerala?

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