Diamond Bar evacuations from smoke, fire

The Country Estates, a gated community about 1 mile up the road from our house has been evacuated. There is an evacuation center set up at my alma mater, Diamond Bar High School on Pathfinder Road. We feel pretty safe here on the southwest side now, though we are ready to pack up and go if necessary. A lot of neighbors have already packed their cars just in case.

The air quality is abysmal though. When you step outside it feels a bit like a huge barbeque gone wrong and it’s not clear if the heat you’re feeling is just from the California sun, or if it’s coming from Tonner Canyon over the hill. The side streets have a flurry of activity, but the freeways are eerie and empty. Businesses are open still and life is going on, just with some apprehension. Fire fighting planes and helicopters have been flying low over our neighborhood since earlier this morning, making a massive effort to protect the city. I read later on L.A. Now that 15 helicopters and 10 air tankers are in the fight.

If you watch the local news, they are trying to see Diamond Bar from helicopters, but the smoke is so thick you really can’t see anything, particularly arund The Country. I have not seen or heard of any actual flare ups in the city, however. Here’s what it looks like behind my house.

Diamond Bar smoke


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