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those crazy artists (or, why I went to Riverside)

It’s a lot like the Oregon Trail, driving out to Riverside. The road gets emptier as you go further along 60 East. There are warning signs: GUSTY WINDS AHEAD. You hope your passenger doesn’t die of cholera. At one point, the trail divides. You can choose the 15 to Barstow, and if you keep going you’d get to Las Vegas.

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  • train station, Hangzhou
  • kohjtJoh TIng Koh
    @angshah yup this is my look now. I teach at Singapore Poly now. I am using Twitter for class. Its my colleague's idea.
    20 minutes ago
    angshahAngilee Shah
    @kohjt btw, is this photo of you recent? Love the haircut!
    40 minutes ago
    angshahAngilee Shah
    Nice office setup today. At Green Lake in Kunming. http://t.co/KPgTGLzRNV
    5 hours ago
    kohjtJoh TIng Koh
    @angshah yup it did. The improv look! But that was 12 years ago when I was there. So now things may look more modern haha
    6 hours ago
    angshahAngilee Shah
    @kohjt Does it look like Chengdu?? I’m in Kunming, in Yunnan.
    7 hours ago

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