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How to hire me

I’m an editor, reporter and teacher who builds great teams and great content. I’m open to full and part-time positions and available for independent contracts in journalism, education and media strategy. I’m also building a new company and looking for partners and co-conspirators who want to serve communities with great stories and experiences.

Let’s talk: Are you a colleague who wants to catch up? Do you have questions about how I can help you or your organization? Want to learn more about my new venture? Here’s where we can find a time to talk!

Consulting: One thing I’ve always loved about my career are the chances that I’ve had to help colleagues in many industries — from media to academia to private companies — navigate our complex media ecosystem and tell their stories. (This photo is me over a decade ago participating in an awesome unconference for bloggers in Phnom Penh — I learned so much from the innovative bloggers and writers there.) I can help your organization understand immigration issues and how to build narratives. I’m an expert on inclusion and have practical experience building diverse teams and giving them the resources they need to thrive, as well as building communities that empower organizations.

I can help you identify and articulate your mission and then create workflows, budgets and systems that help you invest in your goals and resource your teams to meet them. I’m great with spreadsheets and finding the right apps and tools to help you serve your communities with efficiency and purpose.

If your company looking for an hour of my time by phone or Zoom, please schedule a consultation. If you need more time or would like to meet in person, please email me at angshah [at] cal.berkeley.edu.

Speaking, teaching, hands-on training: My first love is to be a teacher. In fact, I think it’s essential to being a good editor. So I give a lot of my time to sharing skills and knowledge. I’m comfortable in front of large auditoriums and small working groups. Want me to speak at your event, organization or class? Get in touch: angshah AT cal.berkeley.edu

Editing: As an editor, I help the reporters, writers and storytellers I work with to thrive. I am a transformational editor. I will help assign and develop stories, but also help creators find their most powerful voices. I’d like to help you.

Need an editor by the word? Find me on Fiverr. For larger projects, consultations or editorial work, you can reach me at angshah AT cal.berkeley.edu

Just getting started? Here is more about my pro bono services.

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